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My Chains are in Christ

Brief Outline:   Background information: Paul had a special relationship with the church at Philippi. He expressed it in Philippians 1:7, when he said, “I... Read More »

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (two)

Brief Outline Introduction: “Behold, his soul is puffed up; it is not upright within him, but the righteous shall live by his faith” (Habakkuk 2:4 esv). Here... Read More »

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (one)

Brief Outline Introduction: The world of violence and injustice that faces the prophet is all too familiar to people of all generations, locations, and tribes.... Read More »

Job’s Journey

Brief Outline: Introduction If you come to the book of Job hoping to find the final answer to the age-old issue of human suffering, then you will probably be... Read More »

Soaring Like Eagles

Brief Outline Introduction: In Isaiah 40:18, the prophet Isaiah raised a significant question: “To whom then will you liken God?” The writer seemed to be... Read More »

Bridge Builders

Brief Outline: I. A First-Century Model (Acts 16:11-34) A. Lydia’s conversion B. The slave girl’s deliverance C. The jail warden’s salvation II. A... Read More »

Followers and Faithfulness at the Cross

John 19:25-27 Introduction: My hometown of Buffalo, New York, is well known for its winter blizzards. They blow off Lake Erie... Read More »

The Story of a Crucified Crook

Luke 23:32-43 Introduction: On a March afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio, I stopped at the house of my good friends’ mother. I was fulfilling a... Read More »

What Is the Business of the Church?

Luke 19:11-29 Introduction: Webster’s dictionary defines the word entrepreneur as “one who organizes and assumes the risk in a business... Read More »