Grace and Holiness

This month, the Resources for Your Ministry blogs will tackle the topics of holiness, legalism, and lawlessness. Our hope is that this series will help our readers to understand what true holiness is and to identify and avoid the extremes of legalism and lawlessness in life and ministry.

Last night, I attended a lecture by Dr. Kara Powell from the Fuller Youth Institute. During the lecture, she talked about the four key questions Christian teens and young adults ask when they are wrestling with doubts about their faith. The first two areas fall under classic apologetics:

  1. Is there really a God?
  2. Is Jesus really the only way to be reconciled to God?

But the third and fourth are much more personal:

  1. How can I know God?
  2. Am I really living the life God wants me to live?

As I listened to Dr. Powell, I found it very easy to identify with the questions of these young adults. I was reminded of times in my own life when I struggled with these questions—especially question 4.

What about you? Have you ever struggled with what it means to live the life God wants you to live? My guess is that most of us have. And if we struggle, I am sure our people struggle too. So how do we live the life God wants us to live without becoming legalistic about it? That is what we’ll be talking about over the next few blog posts.

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  1. phebesmith says:

    Funny, I had JUST prayed that God would help me and my husband to live a holy life before our children- then, I clicked a link and came across this!

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