Resolving Conflict (part 2)

Over the last couple of days, I have asserted that when Christians fail to resolve conflict, usually one or both parties in the conflict have failed to communicate, compromise, or conform to Christ. This was true in the conflict I talked about a few days ago.

When you are in conflict with someone, listen to what they are saying. Seek understanding. Too often we don’t try to understand things from their perspective, but in the midst of the conflict we use our mental energies to formulate our rebuttal rather than really listening.

When you find yourself in conflict, be willing to compromise on the things you can compromise on. I am amazed at how often conflict arises when Christian adults don’t get their own way. Carpet color, stage furniture, types of music, and ministry programs are not issues to fight over.

When you find yourself in conflict with another, seek with all your heart to represent the rule and the reign of Christ in the situation. When we seek the heart and mind of Christ, something otherworldly happens. We seek to serve and not to be served (Matthew 20:20-28).

As much as we try, we will never be able to avoid conflict. Sometimes conflict is necessary. But if we will attempt, as much as is within us, to resolve conflict by communicating, compromising, and conforming to Christ, we will grow in our effectiveness to shepherd God’s people.

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