Remember . . .

When we were little, our moms would call after us as we darted out the door to play with our friends: “Remember to look both ways before you cross the street.” And then when we got a little bit older the reminders began to sound more like this: “Remember to turn in your homework.” As we got older still, the reminders progressed from “Remember to be home before 11:00” to “Remember to buckle up” to “Remember to call us and let us know you arrived back at school safely” and finally to “Remember to dress the baby in warm clothing.”

 Most of the time, if you’re like me, those loving reminders from Mom were met with varying degrees of flippancy: “Yeah, yeah I know” or “I will; I always do” or “Mom, you worry too much” or “Yes, I’m sure he’s warm enough. No, he doesn’t need another blanket. No, Mom, the boy is sweating!”

 Let’s face it, sometimes when people tell us things we already know, we tune them out. And I’m fully aware that what I am about to say you already know, but my hope is that you will consider and reflect on what I’m about to remind you of. Please don’t tune me out.

 Remember, on Maundy Thursday, that Jesus is the promised Messiah. He is the one we worship. He is our Savior and Lord. On this day, the day when we remember Jesus’ establishment of the Lord’s Table, take the time to confess afresh that Jesus of Nazareth is the one and only Son of God. Remember that He was conceived of the Holy Spirit. He was born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilot. Remember that He was crucified, died, and was buried, but don’t stop there. Oh, please don’t allow your thoughts to end at the cross or even at the tomb.

Easter is a time to remember and embrace the full measure of the gospel of Christ. Remember that the tomb is empty! We worship a living Savior. Jesus is alive! And we celebrate His resurrection.

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  1. Dennis Moles says:

    How do you plan to remember and to remind others that Jesus is ALIVE this Easter season?

  2. davebuller says:

    Great post, Dennis! We had a great time eating breakfast with you this morning and appreciated getting to know you. God bless you, brother.

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