Servant Leadership (Part 3)

Servant Leadership (Part 3)

This week we have been reviewing the story of Nehemiah as a servant leader. His skill surfaced in the effort expended in doing his homework in a fact-finding mission. We also... Read More »


King Herod, dressed in his royal apparel, delivered an oration to an audience eager to win his favor. He reveled in their flattering response. “[This is] the voice of a god and... Read More »

Joshua’s Challenge

Call it the Showdown at Shechem. Joshua gathered the people of Israel at this town so he could give them the challenge of their lives. Aware of their interest in the history of their... Read More »

A Selah Moment

King David proclaimed: “The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory” (Psalm 24:10). The word Selah was later added to the end of this psalm and many others. Some believe it... Read More »

Sounds of Silence

During a Sunday morning worship service, I was intrigued to see the interpreter for the deaf continue to sign during an instrumental piano offertory. After the service I asked her what... Read More »

We Need One Another

If recent polls can be trusted, an upsurge of Lone Ranger spirituality is occurring in the United States. Church attendance is down. Biblical beliefs are being abandoned. More and more... Read More »

Don’t Waste Your Breath

If I were to scoop up a handful of dirt and blow into it, all I would get is a dirty face. When God did it, He got a living, breathing human being capable of thinking, feeling,... Read More »

How Great Is Our God!

A team of astronomers from the University of Minnesota say they have found a giant hole in the universe. The void they’ve discovered is in a region of sky southwest of Orion. The... Read More »

Giving God Our Best

We had rehearsed the song for several weeks, and it sounded good. But there was one tricky section that we just couldn’t get right. We were ready to call it good enough. Our... Read More »

Him Only

A Christian youth organization in Singapore learned that the local horse-racing club wanted to donate a significant sum of money to its work. The gift would be helpful, but the... Read More »