Comfort at Death

In 1862, during the US Civil War, General Daniel Butterfield wanted a new melody for “lights out.” And so, without any musical training, he composed one in his head. Years... Read More »

Care for Widows

CNN recently reported that there are approximately 40 million widows in India. Fifteen thousand of them live on the streets of the northern city of Vrindavan. Unfortunately, many of... Read More »

Ministry of Encouragement

A newspaper obituary caught my eye with this statement: “Services for affable fix-it man are today.” Instead of focusing on one of the movers and shakers of society, the... Read More »

The Abandoned Water Jar

Text: John 4:1-42 Introduction: The animosity between Jews and Samaritans in Jesus’ day was similar to the feelings between Israelis and Palestinians today. The woman at the well... Read More »

Finishing Well

TEXT: 2 TIM. 4:6–18 LESSONS: This letter offers a glimpse into the heart of Paul as his life journey comes to a close. His farewell thoughts to Timothy on how a Christian can... Read More »

Sons and Daughters of Barnabas

TEXT: Several from ACTS FOCUS: We learn to be an encourager by receiving encouragement. Barnabas is a great teacher. We are encouraged by RECEIVING A GIFT (ACTS... Read More »

Confessions of a Reformed Legalist

TEXT: Luke 15:11—32 FOCUS: The major question answered here is why Jesus spends a lot of time with publicans and sinners. Jesus teach through stories and hopefully, we find... Read More »

Danger in Little Things

My kids enjoy rollerblading. My 13-year-old son likes jumps, rails, and anything else he can do tricks on. But my daughters like long excursions on smooth paths. Straight-line blading... Read More »

Concern for Others

Sports brings out the best and the worst in people. The news media often focus on the worst. Those who comfort players with “It’s not whether you win or lose that counts;... Read More »

Spiritual Devotion

Blaise Pascal, the brilliant 17th-century intellectual, made significant contributions in the fields of science and mathematics. He established the groundwork for the development of... Read More »